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Myths vs. Facts

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Myth: People cheat in relationships because the other partner isn’t satisfying them in the bedroom. Fact: If only there was one simple answer to that question! As a therapist, I find that most monogamous (and there are plenty of people who do not believe in monogamy) people cheat for several reasons, however, these have been… Read more »

A Gottman Couples Educational Weekend

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Being in a relationship can be hard. Do you get frustrated with your partner? Do you wish you or your partner did a better job communicating? Ever wonder how to have an easier or happier relationship? Do you think your partner doesn’t “get” you? Then this workshop is a MUST for you! Based on the… Read more »

Adolescent Substance Use Progression Prevention Group Starting September 2015

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What is the Adolescent Substance Use Progress Prevention Group? This group will focus on preventing dependence and supporting adolescents (aged 13-17) who have experience using alcohol or other substances and/or who are at risk of becoming dependent. Mike McShan, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) developed this curriculum and will facilitate… Read more »

Alphabet soup: What do all of those letters mean behind my therapist’s name?

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First, what is the difference between a license and a certificate? A license is generally determined by a state regulated board to ensure the public that a person is qualified to do their field of work. The idea is to protect the public with requirements, qualifications, application process and a code of ethics.  A certificate… Read more »

How is couples counseling for same-sex couples different from opposite-sex couples counseling?

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For the most part it’s not. Same-sex couples deal with many of the same issues in couples therapy that opposite-sex couples do. Most couples come across the common issues of sex, finances, household duties, and family. The need to learn better communication skills, learn the art of conflict resolution and compromise, recognize and break dysfunctional… Read more »