Dr. Dawn Sharpless is a licensed clinical psychologist who earned her PhD and MS in Psychology from Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN, with internship at the James Quillen Veterans Medical Center in Mountain Home, TN. Her postdoctoral training was in forensic psychological assessment.

Dr. Sharpless sees herself as a life-long learner who is currently engaged in civil forensic psychological assessment. She has successfully treated posttraumatic stress in both institutional settings and private practice. She is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) by the EMDR International Association and in Prolonged Exposure therapy (PE) by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Professional interests include child custody evaluation, integrative treatment for PTSD and addiction, trauma processing, applications of bilateral brain stimulation to psychotherapy, clinical supervision, clinical outcome methodology, women’s issues, ethics, fitness for duty assessment, and complementary/ alternative therapies.