Eating Disorder – Psycheducational & Support Group

The group meets every Saturday for 8 weeks.

Cost: $45/ Session


Disordered Eating Support Group

Description of Group

This dynamic and engaging 8 week closed group will focus on accomplishing goals to improve healthy eating patterns for all participants. Led by Hellen Cappo, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor (LMFT), participants will learn: Effective methods of skill building and ways to track progress; will gain insight into their current behaviors and the reinforcing mechanisms that contribute to the disordered eating; and learn complimentary skills to diminish disordered eating patterns.

As disordered eating often does not occur in isolation, participants will also have the opportunity to discuss any and all other co-occurring illnesses and how those symptoms may contribute to their abnormal eating patterns. These goals, accompanied by time for processing experiences in the group are all excellent reasons to start addressing disordered eating now.

Getting the most from this group

All participants are encouraged to concurrently work with both an individual therapist and nutritionist while participating in this group. A referral can be made by Ms. Cappo if needed.

Registration and Cost

Availability is limited. The cost of the group is $360 for all 8 weeks (that’s $45 per 90 minute session). An investment, but a very worthwhile one, as individual therapy can cost upwards of $80/hour for one 60 minute session. Payment for the group must be made prior to the start of the group, and intake paperwork will be sent to the participant prior to the group. Although there are no discounts given, an installment plan is available to participants. A pre-screen assessment is required prior to the start of the group, and anyone interested should call 985-624-2942 to register.



This event finished on September 26, 2015


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