What are the Benefits of Psychology?

Psychotherapy, Family Therapy and Group Therapy Benefits:

Lower Medical Expenses: Research has shown that using therapy to address emotional problems can result in the decrease of future medical expenses.

Unaddressed emotional and mental issues can cause long-term health issues such as heart disease, cancer, asthma, ulcers, high blood pressure, and strokes. Studies demonstrate that reduction in overall medical costs for health care issues during the five years after psychotherapy is more than sufficient to pay for the cost of therapy.

Increased Personal Efficiency & Work Effectiveness

Mental health issues cause people to miss work more often and perform less while at work. Many employers utilize employee assistance programs to provide short-term therapy to employees in recognition of this problem. Additionally, executive coaching is a popular new form of psychotherapy to improve the performance of executives. Gains in self-confidence and decreases in anxiety experienced in psychotherapy lead to benefits such as job promotion or the confidence to find a better job.

Healthier, happier Relationships

One of the greatest tolls that emotional issues take on our lives is in the area of relationships. Problems with relationships and family issues can be very expensive. When a family has to pay legal expenses for a child with legal problems resulting from drug use the costs can be exorbitant. The medical costs of treating someone who has been physically harmed in domestic violence can be high. Divorce and custody battles can cause the expenditure of large sums of money and time for many years. Individual and family therapy assist in averting these costs.

Long-term benefits

Both in financial terms and in personal happiness, therapy can greatly outweigh the short-term cost. Psychotherapy is one of the greatest investments a person can make in their lives. Each person can decide if therapy is a good use of money by comparing the long-term benefits to the estimated cost.

Therapy increases

  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Work performance
  • Marriage & Family problem resolution
  • Money saved from expensive work and family issues
  • Happiness

Therapy decreases

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Family fighting
  • Relationship problems
  • Medical expense from addiction