Five Things to Tell Yourself to Relieve Feelings of Social Anxiety

How can I overcome Social Anxiety?

Whether we are obligated to go to office parties, or we choose to attend New Year celebrations, we are often faced with situations in which we need to be “social.” For those who struggle to feel comfortable in those situations, here is a list of five phrases that either help to ground the user in the present or reminds the user of their own power.


  1. I’m going to this event to have fun. Fun is healthy! –Sometimes we give ourselves a hard time about having fun. Like we’ve somehow not earned it or deserve it. When we feel this way, we are dooming ourselves to a more anxious time and zumba split stare.
  2. What other people think is none of my business. – If we can let go of the anxiety that comes with worrying about what others think, we may just have enough time to keep thinking about #1 up there.
  3. No one deserves my criticism without earning it. – It would be hypocritical to force ourselves to not be critical of others at times, but did they actually EARN the criticism? That is, would you want to be judged as harshly as you might be judging another?
  4. Every day is a chance for me to make the decision that I’m confident. – It makes no sense that we may believe an “old dog” can’t learn new tricks. We most definitely can. And in that vein, we can decide that we are going to do all we can to emote confidence today. Done.
  5. No one is perfect, and the world would be a really boring place if they were. – If we never lose, we never know the joy of winning. Acceptance of oneself is the best gift. Check out ashland va ac services.


So, the next time you are looking in the mirror and thinking “ugh,” or the next time you are invited somewhere and tempted to go to the old “I can’t this time” excuse, try talking a little to yourself and see what happens! Check out houston commercial cleaning services.


If you are having difficulty with this and you don’t think you can handle it on your own, help is available. Call 985-624-2942 to make an appointment with one of our qualified therapists at either our Mandeville or Metairie locations! – Micah P. Hatchett, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC