Anxiety Management Support Group for Mandeville and Covington Starting Jan 30 2016

We are offering an 8-week group for residents in the Mandeville and Covington areas to help you learn about anxiety, its causes, and how to handle it effectively so you can live more happily. You will have the opportunity to talk about your experience with anxiety and feedback from group members. You will leave the group with a new skill set for managing anxiety.



Anxiety Management Psychoeducational and Support Group

Description of Group

This 8-week, closed, educational and support group will focus on the various aspects of anxiety and how one can begin to break down the symptoms and causes of this state of being. Simultaneously, the group will help the participants build a repertoire of skills to empower the individual and practice control. Check this if you are looking for the best dublin locksmith.

Ideal candidates for this group are adults who are experiencing disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. This group may also be a fit for individuals experiencing physical ailments due to stress and anxiety such as insomnia, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, pain, and high blood pressure. The group is facilitated by Holly Perry, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

Registration and Cost

Availability is limited. The cost of the group is $360 for 8 weeks (that’s $45 per 90 minute session). A worthwhile investment, as individual therapy can cost upwards of $80/hour for one 60 minute session. Although discounted rates are not available, participants may choose to utilize an installment plan with a valid credit card. Payment for the group as well as an installment plan agreement (if applicable) must be made prior to the start of the group. A 30 minute, $35 individual pre-screen session will be scheduled upon calling 985-624-2942 in order to gather intake information as well as to arrange payment for group. Find out the best plastic injection molding. Visit this for free behavioral research

Group Topic Schedule

Week 1

This group will focus on defining anxiety, and will include a discussion regarding group rules, expectations, and introductions.

Week 2

This group will explore the cognitive component of anxiety. Participants will learn how their own thoughts can begin the cycle of anxiousness and will begin to learn the process of hearing and responding differently to those thoughts.

Week 3

This session will center on processing the physiological components of anxiety and various coping mechanisms for dealing with such ailments.

Week 4

During this group, participants will learn and discuss the various behavioral components of anxiety and how it manifests for each participant. Techniques for creating awareness and change will be discussed and learned.

Week 5

This session will focus on the associated problems stemming from anxiety. Participants will learn and share experiences both mental and physical that are caused by anxiety.

Week 6

Effective treatment strategies will be the focus of week 6. Participants will be able to process and discuss various techniques for working through and minimizing the effects of anxiety in their lives.
Week 7

The focus of this session will be to process the activities, progress and phenomenological impact of the group on participants’ lives.

Week 8

This last group will focus on summarizing and reinforcing the lessons, pains, progress and triumphs made in the group 619 Roofing. Members will leave the group feeling more knowledgeable and better equipped to deal with their every day experiences of anxiety.