How much does therapy cost?

Dr. Andre, How much is Therapy?

The four factors that most affect the cost of therapy are Mental Health insurance benefits, level of education of the therapist, sliding scales and session length. Check

  1. If you have mental health insurance benefits this will significantly reduce your cost of therapy.  Most insurance policies will have a deductible that you need to meet for mental health coverage before they provide coverage.  Typical copays range from $10-$40 per session.  However, there are many insurance plans out there, and each therapy office will accept only certain plans.  So it is important to verify if the provider you are considering accepts your insurance plan.
  2. The level of education or training of the therapist affects the cost of therapy.  Therapists new in the field and working on their licensure or who just received their license tend to charge less than those with more experience with bigeasyseo, training or education.  Certainly, new therapists can be excellent therapists, but they often price themselves a little lower than their more experienced counterparts.
  3. Some people offer sliding scales, which allow clients to pay less based on their income or ability to pay.  Again, this is often the case with newer therapists who are trying to build a business and a reputation.  Sliding scales can be very helpful in getting services to people who might not otherwise be able to afford a full-fee session.
  4. The length of the session will affect the fee. A 90 minute session will cost more than a 55-60 minute session.

Our offices provide sliding scale fees and we also accept many insurance plans.  At Northshore and Southshore Counseling and Wellness, we will call your insurance company for you and determine what your benefits are on your behalf. If you would like more specific information regarding the cost of therapy and counseling, please call our office for an appointment. We’re located in Metairie, La (504) 717-4043 or Mandeville, La (985) 624-2942 at alternative to uncle buck loans.

Dr Andre Judice, North Shore Counseling & Wellness