American Psychotherapy Association

American Psychotherapy Association (APA)
The American Psychotherapy Association is an organization of psychotherapists whose mission is to assume the leadership role in advancing the profession of psychotherapy. The APA exists to help members to help their clients and to increase their professional practice. This organization strives to improve the public perception of psychotherapy.


Getting Help When Anger Gets Out of Hand
Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems: problems at work, in your personal relationships and in the overall quality of your life. And it can make you feel as though you’re at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion. This site provides with you links to resources about anger management.


Signs of Anxiety Problems

Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance
Information about anxiety problems. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, 90 percent of people with emotional illnesses will improve or recover if they get treatment. This site allows you to take a test to see if anxiety is a problem for you, and read articles about anxiety.

Bipolar Disorder

Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance & International Bipolar Foundation

Bipolar Disorder is a type of Mood Disorder in which a person experiences extreme highs of mania alternated with severe depression in a cyclical manner. Bipolar Disorder is treated with both psychotherapy and medication. Therapists can help people learn to manage the symptoms and learn to better with this disorder.

College Student Resources

Mental health resources for college students

Coping with Crisis

How to Handle Grief, Loss, and Trauma
Grief, loss and trauma can be overwhelming for everyone. This site provides information about how to handle tumultuous times of loss and trauma, as well as a test to determine how severe your stress level is.

Grief and Loss         Grief Help Guide

These sites provide additional articles about coping with loss and trauma.


Depression Guide Publications about Depression
These sites offer more publications about depression, as well as a test to help you determine if you might be struggling with depression.


Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
DID, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, is more common that people realize, and results when individuals undergo severe trauma. People with DID usually endure several years of incorrect diagnoses and treatment before a therapist knowledgeable about DID makes the correct diagnosis. Seeing a therapist knowledgeable about treating this condition can be very effective.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders: How to Get Help or Help a Loved One
Eating Disorders can take several forms. Research has shown that psycho education is a useful first intervention for many individuals with mild to moderate bulimia nervosa. For individuals with more severe anorexia and bulimia symptoms, interpersonal therapy and cognitive behavior therapy have been shown to be highly effective, and identified as the treatments of choice. Learn more about these disorders, treatment options, and how psychotherapy can help.

Ethical Guidelines

Ethics Codes & Practice Guidelines for Therapists
This link provides information on the ethical guidelines by which counselors must practice.

Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships    &   Mental Health Guide: Family & Relationships
Links to helpful literature on family and relationships. You can also take a test on how well you balance your relationships.

Marriage Issues

Healthy Marriage & Smart Marriages
Even people in “happy” marriages experience problems from time to time. Marriage therapy can help people learn more effective ways of working with their partners. Therapists assist couples in stopping potentially destructive patterns or issues before they can become a major problem.


Mind-Body Connection: How Your Emotions Affect Your Health
People with good emotional health are aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They have learned healthy ways to cope with the stress and problems that are a normal part of life. They feel good about themselves and have healthy relationships.

Mind-Body Medicine an Overview
Links to literature on how the mind can affect the body.

Parenting, Out of Sync Child & Nurture Mom

All parents struggle with handling problems with their kids. This link addresses a variety of parenting topics, including handling your children’s shyness, talking about war with your children, and getting kids to listen. Seeing a therapist for help with parenting skills can enhance your effectiveness as a parent.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
PTSD is a condition that results from enduring highly stressful events that continue to effect individuals even after the original event or stressor is over, causing them to experience prolonged anxiety related to that stressor. PTSD can be caused by many different stressors, ranging from things such as war to rape to surgery. This link offers helpful information about the diagnosis. PTSD responds very favorably to treatment with psychotherapy.


Articles, Research, & Resources in Psychology
This extensive site provides free access to full-text articles on assessment, therapy, forensics, and other areas of psychology from such journals as American Psychologist, Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology: Science & Practice; and Psychology, Public Policy, & Law., along with other free resources. The site was created and maintained by a psychologist, Kenneth S. Pope., Ph.D.

Psychology Information
Psychology Information Online provides a central place on the Internet for information about the practice of psychology.

Affordable Medications

Resources for Finding Affordable Medications
Some of you may know of clients, relatives, or friends who are having difficulty affording needed medications, perhaps using smaller doses or going without because their resources are needed for rent, etc. There are several web sites that may provide information helpful in locating low-cost or free medications for those who qualify because of special financial needs.

Self-Help Books

Self-Help Books
This site has a listing of a number of self-help books by topic.


Stress: How and When to Get Help & Mind Tools
In the workplace and at home, stress and other difficult situations are at an all-time high for many Americans. Stressors in our work or personal lives can affect our mental, as well as physical, health. The good news is that all individuals can learn to effectively manage their stress. Seeing a therapist can make a real difference in handling stress effectively.

Substance Abuse

General Information on Substance Abuse
Rates of substance abuse and dependence are growing in our society. Problems with drugs, alcohol, gambling, or other addictive behaviors can lead to further problems at work, in relationships, and with physical health. This link illustrates the problems of alcohol and drug abuse, provides information on the differences between substance abuse and addiction, and supplies other helpful information drug abuse. Therapy can help individuals address the causes of their addictive behavior and make permanent changes for the better.

Substance Abuse Resources
Link to a variety of substance abuse resources.

Addiction Guide

Work Issues

Work Issues
Work is an important part of our lives that consumes a lot of our time and energy. However, we need to have a healthy balance between our personal and work lives in order to be happy. The test on this link will allow you to determine how well you balance your work and personal lives. By taking a look at our priorities, we can all learn to find a healthy balance.