Couples Therapy

Being in a committed relationship can be a wonderful experience.  However, many couples (married or not) find that problems can emerge once the first years have passed and partners become accustomed to the relationship.  If you are considering couples or marriage counseling, it is likely that your dreams for the relationship have faded, and you might even be losing the hope and optimism you once had at the start of your relationship.  When difficulties arise in the relationship that you don’t know how to solve, this can damage the friendship and love that was the foundation in the first place.

We are here to help you identify and address problems or concerns, and help you learn relationship skills needed to get back on track and fulfill your dreams for your relationship.  The earlier you seek help for problems that arise, the better, as it lessens the chance of eroding the underlying friendship and love.  Not every problem needs to be a reason to seek counseling, but it is a good to identify if you have a pattern of difficulties, as this would better indicate the need for some professional assistance.

Common signs that your relationship is being tested by problems or events that might challenge your ability to keep your relationship intact are:

  • Ongoing conflict that does not get resolved and continues to come up, especially when the reactions to conflict hurt one or both partners,
  • Life stressors such substance abuse issues, loss of a job, blending families, difficulties with step-children, death of someone very close, or the birth of a child,
  • Poor communication patterns such as yelling, name calling, criticizing, and avoidance, and
  • Either partner having mental health issues that are affecting the ability to function or communicate in the relationship.

What to expect in couples or marriage counseling:

You will meet together with the therapist at first, but depending on the issues at hand, the therapist might see each of you separately from time to time between your joint couples session.  Your therapist will function as a neutral observer who will assess the factors that are underlying the problems and help each of you understand your role in contributing to them, as well as each of your strengths and their role in improving the problems, check this. Your therapist is trained in approaches and techniques to help sort through the issues and come up with a solid plan to make changes that last.

We offer couples/marriage counseling for those in straight and gay relationships.  Several of the therapists on staff are trained in the Gottman model of relationship therapy.

Northshore Counseling & Wellness has offices in Covington, LA and provides couples therapy for patients throughout the northshore including Mandeville, Slidell, Hammond as well as metro New Orleans.