Your therapy on your terms.

Northshore Counseling and Wellness offers online chat and email counseling sessions (known as eCounseling). eCounseling offers a special and very needed type of therapeutic interaction that works in a different way than traditional psychotherapy. Schedules and circumstances sometimes make an office visit difficult. Let our experienced therapists help you, quickly, discreetly and at your convenience.

Why you eCounseling may be right for You:

  1. Effective: Research already indicates that this type of counseling with a trained professional can be very helpful.
  2. Convenient: You have control over your participation in this process:how much, where, when, and how you receive counseling.
  3. Fast response: Your request will receive a response withn 24 hours to set up your first appointment (for chat sessions) and only have a short wait until the actual appointment. For email, you will get a response from us within 24 to 48 working hours. This compares nicely to the average wait of a week or two to attend traditional psychotherapy.
  4. Cost-effective: The cost of using this service is reasonable, and you have the option to further reduce the cost by purchasing a package of minutes to be used at your discretion. If working with the email format, you have the added benefit of using any offline time to think through the message you want to say that it formulated the way you want and you maximize the outcome from the interaction.
  5. Private: Since you are in control, you can make this experience as private as you want to it be. The more removed sense of connection with the therapist (because your therapist is not looking at you) allows you to feel more safe and comfortable during the session.
  6. Easy: You can access your email or chat from anywhere that you can get internet access. You are able to work from the comfort of your own home.

Goals of eCounseling

The goal of eCounseling is to provide solution-focused, support-oriented counseling. Every person has different goals when entering counseling, and each session will revolve around the specific goal laid out by the client asking for services. Except in rare circumstances, eCounseling is not intended to be a substitution for traditional, in-depth, face to face counseling, but instead offers a safe and convenient forum for receiving support, reflection, and feedback. eCounseling is an alternative process that is suitable for helping some people with some (not all) issues.

Am I a good fit for eCounseling?

Not all problems or people are appropriate for eCounseling. Much of the counseling process involves aspects that are most appropriately addressed face-to-face. If the counselor, client, or both, believe the client may be best served by engaging in live counseling, arrangements may be made for the client to see the counselor in person, or to arrange for an appropriate regional referral. A client at any time may request live, face to face counseling. Clients must also be able to utilize the technology necessary to communicate online either by email or chat. Here are some other caveats that make a person a good fit for this service:

  • Being 18 years or older;
  • Not being in a “crisis” state where immediate intervention is necessary for your safety or the safety of someone else.

What counseling techniques do you use?

Counselors use a variety of techniques to help foster growth and change. As each person is different, counselors utilize the technique believed to be most effective when talking with a client. Northshore Counseling and Wellness is committed to working with each individual client on the level and with techniques that the client feels most comfortable. Clients are encouraged to ask questions and work with their counselor to determine the best way to reach the client’s goals for therapy.