Psychological & Behavioral Testing & Assessments

Educational Testing

Psychological and educational assessment services, including:

  • Assessment for Gifted placement in school
  • Assessment for individuals having problems with school performance
  • Assessment for diagnosis of conditions such as ADHD and the Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Personality and Intelligence Assessments
  • Assessments needed for any other diagnostic purposes
  • Fitness for Duty Assessments

The testing process consists of an initial appointment in which the psychologist will interview you and, determine the appropriate testing protocol, the appointment for conducting the testing, and a follow up appointment for reviewing the results.

Insurance may cover at least part of the cost of testing, but there is typically a significant out of pocket obligation.  Testing is billed on an hourly rate, and payment is due when services are rendered.  Please call to find out more about our rates and how you or your loved ones might benefit from testing.

Assessment is available for people aged 5 and older.

Schedule an assessment

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