During a traumatic and unexpected personal transition, I found my way here. Having this safe place for personal reflection and healing has been a gift. Thank you! Erin, I appreciate you!

-D. D.

They have a caring and friendly staff at affordable prices. I would highly recommend.

-M. G.

This place is a wonderful gem in SE Louisiana for counseling and mental health services! This staff is phenomenal. Every city should have options like this.

-A. D.

I would 100% recommend Heather Ebe and her team at Northshore Counseling & Wellness. I came to her at a time of desperation. Therapy had never actually done anything for me in the past, because most of the time you just “talk” and then go home. Heather believes in a mindfulness based approach. She would send me home with exercises to try and articles to read. She recommended an 8 week MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) course, and I also started practicing yoga around this time. It was NOT easy, but I went in as a person who was constantly taking medications to numb herself and literally could not leave the house, to a person who is now thriving and more sure of herself than ever before. Truly a transformational experience that I am confident will last. The people at Northshore Counseling & Wellness do not want to keep taking your money week after week in hopes that you will remain a client forever; they truly want to see you get better. My last visit with Heather was over 6 months ago, and it became clear that I didn’t need therapy anymore, at this point in my life. She gave me the tools I needed to help myself get to a better place.

-J. T.