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We offer Individual, Family, and Group psychotherapy. Both individual, family and group formats have been extensively researched in order to determine their effectiveness, and both formats have been found to be extremely effective in helping people address problem areas in their lives.nudecamshd hairy girl cam

Medication Management

We focus on helping you address any mental health concerns through the use of medications. Our team of highly trained practitioners take a thorough history, listen carefully to your concerns and goals, and with your input, determine the most appropriate ways to use medication in your care.

Testing & Assessment

For educational purposes, mental health and fitness for duty, our testing process consists of an initial appointment where the psychologist will interview you and determine the appropriate testing protocol, an appointment to conduct testing, and a follow-up appointment to review the results. greendayonline home pagehttps://dedebt.com/


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The approach of Northshore and Southshore Counseling and Wellness is one of balanced teamwork empowered by trust to produce quality services for our clients. We pledge to be dependable, show the utmost respect and care to our clients, approach our clients with competency, and always nurture growth. Our goal is to exhibit the utmost professionalism and excellence in client care as we strive to be the innovative leader in the field.

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Fees for Therapy

Fees are determined by insurance fee schedules, out of pocket payment options, and session length.


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